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CAF Centex Air Wing Museum On line Guide

Visitors Guide - On-Line
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Introduction to our CENTEX Air Wing Museum: Link 
Information about our Hanger & Museum, hours & location map in San Marcos.

Air Wing Hanger & Museum, Library, Officers Club: Link
Fully Functioning Air Wing Headquarters & Restoration facilities. multi-media Museum
Library, Officers Club, PX.

Book Flight on our B-25 the "Yellow Rose.": Link
Memorable individual and group flight experiences, while  Officer’s Club hosts family, friends & co-workers.

CenTex’s Public Events, Community Participation: Link
Air Wing’s annual community  events include: casino day, golf classic and dinner dance.

CAF-Centex Air Wing websites: Link 
Link to the official websites for both Organizations.

B-25 The “Yellow Rose”: Link

A rugged and versatile fighting machine, served in every theater of WWII. Links to videos  & Complete multimedia history on-line.

P-39, The “Miss Connie”: Link
Arguably helped turn the tide of battle in Russia & WWII. Links to videos, WWII movies  & Complete history on-line.

P-63F, The “Kingcorba”: Link
World’s only P-63F, flying reminder of plane’s vital role in WWII. Links  to, videos, WWII & Lend-Lease history.

Kate & Zero Movie Props: Link
TORA,, TORA TORA movie props still flying. Planes from 1980 film. See movie trailer and complete history on-line.

BT-13 Valiants: Link
Became famous as the most widely-used training aircraft of WWII.  Links to historic films & music.

U-3A - The “Blue Canoe”: Link
Served the USAF with many uses and helped the CIA win the cold war.  Links to the historic U-2 / U-3 program.

Trainers: AT-6 Texas/SNJ, L-5 & Chinese CJ-6: Link
AT-6, & L-5 trained thousands during war, went on to serve in many world’s Air Forces.

Doolittle-Potter Room: Link
Highly detailed scale model of Doolittle’s historic raid on Tokyo in 1942. Links to WWII movies  & complete B-25 history on-line.

Women in WWII: Link
Women play critical roles in aviation: manufacturing, testing & transporting. Link to historic vintage films & music.

Tuskegee Airmen: Link
Famed  99th Pursuit Squadron and 332nd Fighter Group fought valiantly in Europe during WWII. Links to WWII films, music & interviews.

WWII in the Pacific: Link
US Army Air Force & Naval Aviation prove critical to Allied victory against Japan. Link to historic WWII films & music.

WWII in Europe & North Africa: Link
       Aviation’s role in the long road to victory through North Africa, Italy, D-Day & Germany. Link to vintage films & music.

China, Burma & India: Link
Stories of aviators’ valor and sacrifice in distant theaters of WWII. Link to historic multimedia Films & music.

Historic San Marcos Army Air Force Base: Link
History of our air base, its role in WWII, Korea & development of military helicopters.

For More in formation on The Central Texas Wing of The Commemorative Air Force 

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